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When at four or five in the morning, the morning is some older men and women,air jordan 11 concord or that some stroke rehabilitation walking stagger (of course it was going to dawn), few young people, more is for the busy life, on both sides of the gear barbecue amortization no closed, those clothes light fresh men and women drink, on the table full of empty bottles, shout and wrangle jordan 11 concord lonely and helpless eyes fatigue and stay up all night in his. Should go back to bed. A new day has begun to make a living, people want to pay for the sleepless night.

Such is life, people are so. In addition to the baby is happy, the other I do not happy. As teenagers, you and I will study hard, because this damn education system, forcing teachers and parents desperately urging you to me, to try and try again, but full of tricks,Air Jordan 11 concord for sale a good learning into a force, you did I don’t study, but first let me for the love interest, as learning no problem. There are no matter what hobbies, parents and schools should encourage it, life is rich and colorful, not only.

Today’s youth,air jordan concord 11 sleep lazy, like to stay up late, poor self-care ability, indifference, lack of love, big time!

The most sad middle-aged people, both men and women are the same. All the burden of suffering, lost, because we are still like the past, do not know when to let go. Our next generation, can never be as advocated in today’s society, so, must stand up, optimistic, have their own goals. These are to be cultured,jordan concord 11 and this is the only study reading, can perfect, now still in time, you are my next generation there is hope, and the future. You are my life is no white.